Six modules. One solution.

Make your merchant onboarding process as slick and as pain-free as possible – for both parties!

With no code in sight, use our in-app builder to configure your customer record database table to your own requirements, selecting from either our pre-defined fields and/or creating your own custom fields and select your data types.  Once your customer table is ready, your bespoke API will be automatically generated and presented in your very own “API Guide” within the platform, so that you can start onboarding new applicants and existing customers immediately.

For merchant-facing applications, translate your customer table fields into your bespoke data capture forms using another of our design-your-own tools.  Generate custom sign-up forms in your own style and branding, and only ask for the data that you need – helping to keep the process smooth and reducing application abandonment.  Go even further by using Shape Verify and Shape Billing, and associate individual sign-up forms with specific AML/KYC/KYB processes and your own merchant billing plans ready for automatic adoption for all successful applications.

Complete the automated onboarding experience by uploading your standard customer contract and T&Cs into the portal and have them presented to successful applicants for approval.

  1. Build your customer record database table
  2. Create your custom applicant sign-up forms
  3. Upload your customer contract and standard T&Cs

HAVE AN ACTIVE REFERRAL NETWORK?  Shape Onboarding is customisable not just for you, but for your referrers too.  Simply register your referrers in your Shape platform, provide them with their own API keys, and either grant them white-label permissions to go to market for you with their own branding, or, if you’re looking to maintain more control, grant them access to the sign-up forms that you create for them.  But don’t stop there; use Shape Billing to assign a commission plan to the sign-up forms and have earnings shares calculated and invoiced automatically.

Ensure compliance with your hard-earned licence by controlling the onboarding and on-going monitoring of your merchants, using best-in-class paperless AML, KYC, and KYB checks.

With our automated, risk-based decisioning process configured by you to your risk appetite, you can minimise data and documentation requests and receive near-instantaneous results to help get your merchants to market quicker.

Shape Verify also allows you to filter and route applications automatically, helping to reduce human interaction and associated costs.  Using as many “if this” and “if that” conditions as you want, design your own merchant acceptance logic based on applicant business data and history, and have Shape automatically filter applications for you and then override associated processes and route applications to other, more appropriate AML/KYC/KYB processes or billing plans.

  1. Design your merchant application filter and router
  2. Select the AML/KYC/KYB packages that you want to use
  3. Create events and anniversaries to trigger on-going monitoring
  4. VERIFY!

HAVE AN ACTIVE REFERRAL NETWORK?  Use Shape Verify in collaboration with Onboarding to undertake more rigorous AML, KYC, and KYB checks and get that extra peace of mind for referred leads.  When designing your referrer sign-up forms, simply select a higher grade Verify package to associate with them, and all inbound referrer leads will be automatically subjected to your deeper review.

Forget complicated integrations between incompatible APIs, with Shape Data you design your own database table to fit your data profile and use your custom API to integrate seamlessly.

Shape Data provides in-app database design and data field creation completely free of code, enabling you to visualise your custom table before integrating.  Mirror existing database structures in third party applications and integrate within hours, not weeks.  Once your table is configured, your custom API will be automatically generated and made available in your very own “API Guide” within the platform, making it easy to start populating your database.

Use Data together with Shape Billing, Shape Analytics, and Shape Payments and you’ll be able to use predefined fields that integrate the modules and ensure that you’re capturing the data needed to make the most of them.

Shape Data provides the ultimate flexibility for you to control your data, your way.

Control the way that you earn your money.  With Shape Billing, you can create as many different billing plans as you need and automatically assign them to your merchants as part of your Onboarding processes.

Shape Billing provides the following features as standard:

  • Fixed recurring items
  • Variable transactional items with calculations based on:
    • tiered or volume count logic
    • on count and/or sum of transactions
    • in £ per transaction or as % of transaction value
  • Ad-hoc charges
  • Variable transactional item overrides for minimum charges, with staggered start and end dates
  • IC++ and Blended billing types
  • Credit notes
  • Customisable billing periods and payment terms
  • Free trial periods
  • Discounts

Use Billing alongside Shape Payments and collect your fees automatically through pre-settlement deductions.

As with everything Shape, our multitude of design styles, branding options, and custom text fields will mean that your invoices remain truly bespoke to you.

HAVE AN ACTIVE REFERRER NETWORK?  Use Shape Billing to create commission plans that automatically calculate a referrer’s share of your earnings, however you split them.  What’s more, Billing will also automatically generate periodic commission statements and issue them to your referrers.  Simply register your referrers in your Shape platform and assign them a commission plan, then watch Shape Billing do the rest!

For those referrers that piggy-back your licence, grant them white-label permissions and allow them to customise their merchant invoices with their branding, whilst your entity and licence information always remains in view.

Deliver real-time interactive reporting data to your merchants and stay on top of your own KPI monitoring with Shape Analytics.

With Analytics you can create public and private dashboards that are customised for the needs of your users, and take advantage of the huge selection of data visualisations tools that it offers.  Present only the data that your user needs: a “new leads” dashboard for your salesperson; a “chargeback highlights” dashboard for your anti-fraud team; or a “daily takings” dashboard for your merchants – the options are endless.

Enable you and your merchants to stay on top of KPIs with our Analytics Alerts tool and get automated, real-time notifications when one of your KPI-linked events is triggered, so that you don’t miss a beat.

True to form, Analytics puts the power in your hands and allows you to customise the style and branding of your offering, helping to maintain the custom build appearance of your platform.

HAVE AN ACTIVE REFERRAL NETWORK?  Keep your referrers motivated by registering them in your Shape platform and allowing them to use it to monitor their lead generation numbers, onboarding success rate, and any other KPIs that you add to their user dashboards.  The same great features of Analytics Alerts are available to your referrers too, only limited to those metrics that you share and control.  What’s more, for referrers with white-label permissions, Analytics adopts their customisations and branding too.

Orchestrate the secure and reliable movement of merchant funds around your banking network with ease.  Shape Payments offers the full suite of payment features to both merchants and PayFacs.

For merchants, Payments provides embedded transaction management functionality all within a PCI-compliant environment.  Capture, cancel, or refund a transaction all from within the Payments module.  Through Payments, merchants can also access the Virtual Terminal feature to accept MOTO transactions, or the Pay Link feature to generate and send payment forms to consumers.

Real-time transaction status updates help merchants to track their funds from authorisation through to settlement, with settlement ETAs; fee deduction values; and fraud prevention reserve deduction values reported for each transaction, helping to manage cashflow forecasting.

For PayFacs, Payments offers in-app codeless tools to enable you to configure and then operate your merchant fund management processes across the external integrations.

  • Control merchant gateway preferences, like security or velocity settings, to manage your risk
  • Configure merchant terms, such as settlement and fraud prevention reserve timeframes and values, to create automated fund deductions and settlement runs in your banking provider
  • Manage transaction disputes in-app and control the flow of data and responses between the merchant and the acquirer

Payments also helps you to manage your FCA compliance obligations, with “state-of-play” reporting available at each close of play, showing you what merchant funds you held and who they belonged to, and annual FCA reporting made simple with purpose built reports.

Combine Shape Payments with Onboarding, Verify, Data, Billing, and Analytics for the complete PayFac solution.

HAVE AN ACTIVE REFERRAL NETWORK?  Scrap your month-end budgeting for commission payments;  the Shape Payments module works in collaboration with Billing to automatically segregate and manage your referrers’ funds as part of its transaction flow deductions, enabling them to build in real-time as your own fees are collected.  Payments also allows you to manage how and when referrer funds are paid out; either automatically at the end of each commission period, or as manual drawdowns requested by the referrer.

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